AT office

2015 - 2017


Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin


corporate client


Carlo Baroni

AT office is based in Trento in a satured area of the city consisting of multi-family buildings, some of which of remarkable architectural value. The existing space, at the ground floor of a building of the 1960ies, is located on a tree-lined boulevard running along by the river Fersina. The furniture project consists of an office space, a conference room, an archive and toilet facilities of a real estate agency. The volume, previously lowered, has been equipped with a glazed partition, coatings and both custom made and standard furniture.
The project responds to the need to accomodate the costumers in an intimate and familiar space, much more like a living room than an office, considering that most users turn to the agency for the sale or purchase of a residential property. This is an act in which different pratical and psychological needs unite and clash. So the free visual allows to see the road run along by the beatiful horse chestnuts, overlooked the Fersina, which with their green foliage help to create a relaxed atmosphere in the interior spaces. The balance between opposites that is necessary to make the most wise decisions is expressed by the warm – cold relationship through the use of materials such as beech wood and glass, or by contrasting dyes, white and orange of some objects, present in the agency’s logo too. Beech wood has been used for the floor, the ceiling and the lowered surface coating, accentuating the depth and space relationship. The external, tailor-made steel frame also helps to create a strong relationship between interior and exterior, at the same time enhancing the identity of the real estate agency.
Customized furnishings emphasize the deep, but especially very high space: the opaque white lacquered wardrobes come to the ceiling and give you the opportunity to take advantage of the many doors to file the pillows. The desk and console continue beyond the glass wall. Wood is a Baubuche beech microlumber of Pollmeier. Bathroom coverings are in a decorative paint and beige tiles. The partition between the rooms is made of extra-light stratified glass. The chairs give dusty notes to the work places. A wall treated with an innovative magnetized paint allows you to hang notes and drawings to have all the practices under control. A large white chandelier, with its soft and warm light, gives an intimate atmosphere to the work space.