CS apartment

2014 - 2017


Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin




Carlo Baroni

CS apartment is located in an area on the south side of Trento, in a newly built terrace house. It's surrounded by apple orchards and few one storey single family houses of recent construction. The furnishing project concerns the living area and the sleeping one, both set on the same floor, the first one, and the relax area, set in the loft. The project is designed to satisfy the clients' needs: the family with two little children wanted a space which had to be both comfortable and designed to combine contemporary custom made furniture with old style pieces, found in antique stores or vintage markets.
The living room and the kitchen blend seamlessly and the dining table works as a link between them, furthermore the table is sided towards the apartment's best view, the one with the sliding windows and the terrace on the background. The staircase is an exception: not only it's build as a part of the kitchen, it has both the same shapes and materials, but also focuses the view towards the loft and in doing so the volume articulation of this piece of furniture becomes the hub of the house. The loft, well lighted, is the place in which the family can relax, moreover in the back it has an area assigned to shelter the plants during the winter season. The custom made furniture, efficient and flexible, is intentionally minimal in order to adapt to the several family's needs and to best relate with the furnishings already owned by the clients and with the ones they will buy in the future.
The design idea was inspired by the surrounding agricultural landscape: the “warm” materials such as wood stand in for the nature, they are used for the living room and kitchen furniture and for the staircase, instead cold materials, such as resins with a gray brown shade, are used for the floors. Walls are painted white. Starting from the floor and going up towards the ceiling, the colours become lighter: from the gray brown floor, to the furniture made with all-wood oiled larch, to the wall units to last with the white walls and ceilings. Both the furniture, bought in shops, and the textiles have a Scandinavian design, a timeless design which contributes to link the contemporary to the vintage style.
The lightning design revolves around the use of few LED track lighting fixtures, recessed from the line of the ceiling: they “wash” the walls whit light and create an “abstract” atmosphere. The only exception, on which the gaze is going to focus, is a rise and fall pendant light suspended above the dining table, it's flexible and adjustable to every situation, from lunch with relatives to buffet dinner party to kids' party.