GI multi-family housing

Ischia, Pergine Valsugana, Trento
2009 - 2012


Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin, Paolo Pegoretti




Carlo Baroni

The GI multi-family housing is located in the south-east of the town of Pergine Valsugana, Ischia and on a slope. The building has three apartments, an apartment on each floor, the last of which is a duplex. From the large windows one can enjoy a beautiful view of Caldonazzo lake, the light is excellent all year round, also permitted by both the natural hills and by the surrounding buildings.
The particularity of the place and of the existing buildings have suggested we should make a very compact and uniform construction volume. We wanted to reduce the visual impact of the main front, visible from the lake, using partially loggias balconies, and by creating a continuity between the front and pitched roofs. The latter not protruding from the walls, is actually integrated into the built up volume, which sees the external walls plastered like the local natural earth colours, whereas the balconies and terraces have the distribution transparent parapet.
The niches of the lodges, a review of these historic buildings in the country, along with the padding of windows, doors, windows and cantilevered slabs, are dark coloured.
In terms of energy the building is classified as A +; winter heating is works through a condensing boiler flue, of less than 35 KW. For domestic hot water solar panels located on the roof of the building, are used. Wanting to get a energy-saving building, in addition to the insulation of external walls and ceilings and ventilation, the rationalization of internal distribution, has been largely focused upon, providing the building with large openings with low-emissivity windows, with wooden triple glazing south, east and west to make the most of the benefits of the winter sun.
The main entrance, open to both vehicles and pedestrians, is situated on the inferior street, while the secondary entrances, pedestrian-only, at the top and bottom. By accessing the building through spaces, we have tried to emphasize those treated to green, obtaining a residential building immersed in the landscape, capable of fostering the relationships between people who live there.