Argini Variabili exhibition

Pergine Valsugana, Trento


Elisa Burnazzi, Davide Feltrin


Andrea Vicentini


Andrea Vicentini


The exhibition Argini Variabili, held in the Sala Maier of Pergine Valsugana, exhibits the photos of Andrea Vicentini, a young artist who marries technicity, research and emotional impact. The main theme is Australia, a country he has visited to immortalize its natural landscapes, its cultural ones and the people who live in them.
The setting captures the contrasts, the suggestions, even up to the contradictions of such a great country; the choice to use white and black tones takes the viewer back to one of the expression modes of the artist’s photography, but at the same time, it also takes advantage of the inherent characteristics the place where the exhibition takes place.
The room floor, partially covered with black pvc, has provided the input to think about the access itself. The floor of the piazza Serra is covered by a carpet with the title of the exhibition, inviting the visitor to enter. The shape and the black entrance are reminiscent of the interior of the camera. Once the visitor passes this filter, he is expected to make a choice: whether to go right or left, just like the artist whose eye selects and interprets the subject in front of him. Once he is inside, the exhibition space is white and the floor is made of wood. The spectator is impressed by the photographs, without captions, displayed in an apparently random order, that, in reality, fosters the color combinations and emotional impressions. Against the white, the cold shades of the Blue Mountains stand out, rendered as such by eucalyptus oil released into the air, the red-colored iron-rich soil, the variety of colorful billboards, cars, passers-by in the centre of Sydney and Melbourne.
Available to visitors in the centre of the space, there are sections of a tree trunk to be used as seats or as a game, because the show is also meant for children: the pictures placed at the bottom depict, in fact, some of the most representative animals of the Australian continent.