Covignano trails graphics and furnishings

2004 - 2006


Elisa Burnazzi, Mattia Micheletti


Municipality of Rimini


studio archives, Carlo Baroni


The hills of Covignano, Spadarolo and Vergiano represent a fundamental landmark for Rimini, both from a natural point of view and also historical. Covered with woods and cultivated areas, they form the most important “green lung” for the city and constitute its first inhabited settlement, documented by evidences of 800.000 years ago.
In 2004, the municipality of Rimini organized the valorization of “Historical and naturalistic trails of Covignano, Spadarolo and Vergiano”, through the predisposition of furnishings, signal system and an adequate communication.
The public assignment initially concerned the design of the arrows, the graphic design of the trails logo and the one of the vertical signal system; “the trail entrance”, “the historical and natural beauty” and “the arrows”. As to the graphics, two main colors were chosen, red and white, which, besides being the representative colors of the city of Rimini, perfectly match the deal supports.
The playbill, the invitation cards to the inauguration of the trail tour and the cardboard displays with foldable leaflets were also created. During the conference press, followed by an excursion, the graphic project was illustrated to the tour operators, to the citizens and to the personnel of the public administration.
Since summer 2006, the cardboard displays have been present in every reception of any hotel of Rimini coast.