Eco-bathing establishment exhibit

Riccione, Rimini


Elisa Burnazzi


Province of Rimini


studio archives


The exhibition, composed of a pergola and twelve didactic-explanatory boards, was designed and realized on the occasion of the presentation to the public of the initiative of Eco-bathing establishment, inspired by the forum “Local 21 Agenda” of the Province of Rimini.
The exhibition aimed at stressing the sustainability values of the leading seaside resort, which applies various methods for resources conservation, such as photovoltaic panels and water reutilization.
The exhibition was actually marked by ecology and economic trait. To the fir lamellate wooden structure were hung thin plates in aluminum and remainings of the transparent plastic. On the twelve aluminum tubular boards was applied, through pintles and eyelets, the ecobanner graphics (designed by Impronta Digitale).
The screwed and male-female structure was thought to insert its vertical elements directly into the beach sand. The boards were taken away at the end of every day, thanks to the upper part showing the graphics, that can be separated from the inferior one, fixedly positioned in the sand.
The structure allowed children and adults to get some relief from the sun under its colorful and constantly moving semi-shadow, and play, read or dream. Thus, they participated in a visual and sound performance, in a different experience on how to live the beach, more intimate and conscious.