Galilearte eco-exhibit

Borghi, Forlì-Cesena


Elisa Burnazzi, Fethi Atakol, Mattia Micheletti


Municipality of Borghi


studio archives, Carlo Baroni


The administration of the municipality of Borghi (FC) expressed the intention of organizing a special event, able of making the population reflect on the necessity to find a balance between the available resources and our consumer society, and capable of emotionally interest the visitors; it was called “Galilearte '06, sustainable future projects” (Galilearte '06, progetti di futuro sostenibile, in Italian).
The logo was printed on totems, advertising banners and invitation cards: different objects, by shape and material, were put one on top of the other, looking for a balance among themselves.
Several furnishing preparations and settings were prepared, which were supposed to act as a scenic background for official dinners, reading and musical performances. Large luminous and colorful installations were placed outside, in charming and history-rich sites: in Borghi, in the main square, four circular lamps (Luminous Drops); on the walls and at the entrance to an exhibition two linear installations (Liquid Walls); and on the medieval fortress of San Giovanni of Galilea, four cubes (Water Fortress).
Objects and materials destined to the city dump were used that were to be found in the area; the light installations were built using water tanks and wooden pallets. Chairs and tables gave new life and value to old car tires and waste wood. In all, almost 800 water tanks and 30 pallets were recuperated.
In order to realize this project, we asked for the help of some young people belonging to a community for the rehabilitation of ex drug- addict.