climatehouse and energy saving

Elisa Burnazzi and Davide Feltrin were among the first ClimateHouse planners of Emilia Romagna and Trentino, having attended, in 2004, the basic and advanced courses of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. It seems incredible, but in the early 2000s an architect specializing in sustainable construction in Italy was considered avant-garde at least. People often think that energy-saving or high-performance energy-efficient architecture should be first of all efficient plants, and therefore expensive. But it is a mistake, no one would choose a car based solely on the characteristics of the engine! So the architectural project of building a house, but also villas and single family detached houses is the basis of an energy-saving building, so much so that if the performance of 'envelope will be efficient you will have to use less help from integrated systems in the furnishings. this is because Burnazzi Feltrin Architects want for their buildings a zero energy future!